Update a User


ionosctl user update [flags]


For user command:


For update command:

[u up]


Use this command to update details about a specific User including their privileges.

Note: The password attribute is immutable. It is not allowed in update requests. It is recommended that the new User log into the DCD and change their password.

Required values to run command:

  • User Id


--admin Assigns the User to have administrative rights
-u, --api-url string Override default host url (default "")
--cols strings Set of columns to be printed on output
Available columns: [UserId Firstname Lastname Email S3CanonicalUserId Administrator ForceSecAuth SecAuthActive Active] (default [UserId,Firstname,Lastname,Email,S3CanonicalUserId,Administrator,ForceSecAuth,SecAuthActive,Active])
-c, --config string Configuration file used for authentication (default "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/ionosctl/config.json")
-e, --email string The email for the User
--first-name string The first name for the User
-f, --force Force command to execute without user input
--force-secure-auth Indicates if secure (two-factor) authentication should be forced for the User
-h, --help Print usage
--last-name string The last name for the User
-o, --output string Desired output format [text|json] (default "text")
-q, --quiet Quiet output
-i, --user-id string The unique User Id (required)
-v, --verbose Print step-by-step process when running command


ionosctl user update --user-id USER_ID --admin=true