Setup a Cluster (DCD)
Prerequisites: Prior to setting up a database, please make sure you are working within a provisioned VDC that contains at least one virtual machine (VM) from which to access the database. The VM you create is counted against the quota allocated in your contract.
Note: Database Manager is available for contract admins, owners and users with "Access and manage DBaaS" privilege only. You can set the privilege via DCD group privileges.

1. To begin setup, go to Menu > Manager Resources > Database Manager.
2. In the Database Manager, click + Add to start creating a new Postgres Cluster.
3. Enter an appropriate Display Name and choose a Location.
The Database Manager lets you complete the Postgres Cluster setup from the DCD.
4. Choosing the appropriate Postgres Version. We support 11, 12, 13, and 14.
5. Decide on the Synchronization Mode; asynchronous is the default.
6. Set the initial CPU Cores, RAM Size, and Storage Size. SSD is the default Storage Type.
7. Database User Credentials are set initially set here.
8. The Maintenance Window option is set by default. Make sure you change the time if needed.
9. You have the option to Cluster to Datacenter Connections. This is off by default.
10. Click Save to create the Postgres Cluster.
Your Postgres Cluster is now ready.
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