Log-in and data
Account Management is the part of the DCD that contains all menu items relevant to your account. Here you can find your contract and customer number, or change your password.
Data such as user name or e-mail address can only be changed by the contract owner or an administrator in the User Manager. You can, however, change and save the default settings of an account for various resources.
The display language of the DCD is set per session according to your browser settings and cannot be saved.

Modifying user properties

Properties include, among others, the name and e-mail address of a user, which contract owners and administrators can change in the User Manager where other properties, such as permissions, can be changed as well.
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Depending on their role, contract owners and administrators can edit the following:

User properties

In order to modify name or e-mail address of a user, do the following:


  • You are logged on to the DCD. (?)​
  • You are the contract owner or an administrator. (?)​

How to modify user properties

  • Open the User Manager > Users tab.
  • Select the required user.
  • Make your changes in the Metadata tab.
  • Save your changes.
    Your changes are effective immediately.

Properties of the contract owner

If you as the contract owner wish to change your e-mail address or name, please contact your sales representative or our IONOS enterprise support team.

Setting your payment method

As a contract owner you can choose the payment method with which you wish to pay for the resources that are allocated to their IONOS account.
The following payment types are available:
  • Direct debit.
  • Credit card.


  • You are logged on to the DCD. (?)​
  • You are the contract owner. (?)

How to set up your payment method

  • Open the Account Management > Payment Method.
  • Select your payment method.
  • Enter your data and confirm.
    Credit card data are safely stored with our payment service provider. If you choose to pay by direct debit, you will receive a form from us with which we ask you to give us a direct debit authorisation in writing.

Canceling an account

DCD account of a user

As a contract owner or administrator you can cancel a user account by removing the user from the User Manager. Resources created by the user are not deleted.
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Enterprise cloud (IaaS) account

If you wish to cancel your enterprise cloud (IaaS) contract and delete your account including all virtual data centers completely, please contact your IONOS account manager or the IONOS enterprise support team.
As a 1&1 IONOS hosting customer, please refer to the following help page: Cancel an IONOS Contract.

Saving default settings

The DCD allows you to save your default settings for a virtual data center and some frequently used items, so you don't have to re-enter them each time you create them.
For example, you can specify that all newly created VDCs in your account will be located in Karlsruhe by default, or that a newly added storage will automatically have a certain size.


  • You are logged on to the DCD. (?)​

How to save default settings

  • Open the Account Management.
    Menu Bar > [Your user name] > My Settings
  • Change the values according to your needs.
    The new values are valid immediately.
  • To undo your changes and reset all values to the IONOS default settings:
    • Single value: Click on Reset.
    • All values: Click on Reset all.