Migrating existing servers
You can easily move your existing servers to your INOS account
An easy way to migrate your existing server to your IONOS account is to create an image and transfer it to a virtual server in your virtual data center.
The following formats are supported:
  • raw
  • qcow/qcow2
  • vmdk
  • vhd
  • vdi
  • parallels
  • vpc
  • img
  • iso


  • You have an IONOS account

How to migrate existing servers

  • Create an HDD image of the operating systems of the server you wish to move.
    The smaller the image, the shorter the deployment. Deployment is the time needed for the system to make your image available in the DCD.
Images of physical and virtual machines can be created in several ways; we recommend using the VMware vCenter Converter.
  • Upload the image to your IONOS account (?)​
  • In the Image Manager > Meta Data tab, enter the properties of the image.
  • (Optional) In the Image Manager > Security tab, you can manage who may use the image (?)​
  • The image is now available to authorized users and can be used for storage deployment.