Object storage

What is object storage?

Object storage is a modern storage technology that can be found in private and public cloud storage applications.
In object storage architecture, files are not stored and managed in hierarchies or blocks as is the case with file or block storage, but as objects. An object consists of the file itself, customizable metadata, and a unique identifier through which it is addressed.
Object storage is almost indefinitely scalable. It can be accessed through APIs and internet protocols. This makes it well-suited for cloud storage solutions. The S3 API (Simple Storage Services) has been established as a global standard for object storage for years. It allows for interoperability and compatibility across different object storage systems that adhere to this standard.
Object storage is best used for storing large chunks of unstructured, static data, such as videos, images, music, and other files not intended for manipulation by frequent transactions. This includes archives, backups, log files, documents and any file type that you want to keep “as is” for later access.

What does S3 Object Storage offer?

Object storage
S3 Object Storage offers almost limitless cloud storage capacity. This can be used to manage your account. You can upload any file type.
IONOS object storage is currently available in Germany. It can be recognized by the region “de” in the object storage properties. Geo-redundant backups and auto-tiering will be available at a later date.
For information on pricing see the IONOS website.
The object storage solution offers the industry’s best compatibility with the S3 API. This guarantees a high level of interoperability with other object storage systems adhering to S3.
API and end points
An API is available for the S3 Object Storage. For the full documentation, please refer to the S3 API documentation.
Object and access management
S3 Object Storage offers comprehensive functionality with which you can keep your content safe and well-organized.
With the help of a detailed authorization system, based on S3 ACLs (Access Control Lists), you can control very precisely who may access your content and what they may change.
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Object storage management console
S3 Object Storage is based on S3. You can use any client application, that supports S3, to access it. A GUI is available to make the management and use of IONOS object storage as comfortable as possible. The GUI is called the Object Storage Management Console.
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S3 Object Storage protects User data on several levels. The storage policy chosen for the object storage covers the highest data protection level possible. Technical failures of any kind will not result in data loss.
Connection to the object storage is SSL-encrypted. Moreover, you can store uploaded objects using server-side encryption. Therefore, objects can be stored in IONOS object storage in any encrypted form. Storage objects are decrypted automatically when downloaded.
S3 allows for comprehensive access management at the bucket and object level. This allows you to define precisely who may access what. By default, newly created buckets and objects are “private”. Only the bucket owner can access them. In order to protect content from unauthorized access, it is recommended that you make only those buckets or objects public that are to be shared publicly.
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