Rancher Cluster

IONOS Cloud Docker Machine Driver is compatible with Rancher.


To install Rancher and Log in to Rancher UI, follow the first 3 steps in this Quick Manual Setup.

You will create a Docker Container with the following command:

sudo docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 80:80 -p 443:443 --privileged rancher/rancher

To follow the output logs for the running container, use:

docker logs -f container-id


  • Your IONOS Cloud account credentials: username and password

  • A link to download the latest release of docker-machine-driver for your platform. Check the Release Page for the latest releases available. Find the corresponding one for your operating system and architecture.

All you need to do is to copy the link location, which should look something like this: https://github.com/ionos-cloud/docker-machine-driver/releases/download/v<version>/docker-machine-driver-<version>-linux-amd64.tar.gz

  • A web server accessible by your browser

Installing Via The Rancher UI

After logging into Rancher UI, follow the next steps in order to install a cluster with IONOS Cloud as cloud provider, using IONOS Cloud Docker Machine Driver:

  • Install Node Driver

    • Go to Tools ➜ Drivers ➜ Node Drivers

    • Click on Add New Driver button

    • Enter the URL for the docker-machine-driver in the Download URL and click Create

    • Wait fot the machine driver to be downloaded and become Active

  • Create Node Template

    • Go to Node Templates, from the drop down menu for User Settings

    • Click on Add Node Template button

    • At this point, Ionoscloud should be on the list of Available Hosts. Select Ionoscloud

    • Configure the IONOSCLOUD OPTIONS as you prefer and add also your password and username for IONOS Cloud account

    • Give a name to the new Node Template and press Create button

  • Create New Rancher Cluster

    • Go to Clusters

    • Click on Add Cluster button

    • In the Create a new Kubernetes cluster section, select Ionoscloud

    • Choose the name of the new cluster, the name prefix of the node and make sure you have the Node Template you just created, in the Template section

    • Customize your cluster: Single Node (by selecting all etcd, Control Plane and Worker) or Multiple Nodes

    • Click on Create button

    • Wait for cluster to become Active (it will take some minutes).


Please submit any bugs, issues or feature requests to ionos-cloud/docker-machine-driver.