Supported operating systems and software

IONOS is focused on ensuring uninterrupted and cost-efficient operation of your services. This is why we offer a selection of tested operating systems for immediate use in your virtual cloud instances.

You also have the option of keeping the operating system versions already in use in the IONOS Enterprise Cloud infrastructure. Further information on importing operating system images can be found here. If you have any additional questions, please contact our technical support.

To ensure uninterrupted, secure, and stable performance, all operating systems, regardless of their source, should meet the following requirements:

  • VirtIO drivers are essential for the operation of virtual network cards

  • Recommended drivers for the operation of virtual storage:

    • VirtIO (maximum performance)

    • IDE (for vStorage, an alternative connection by IDE is available, but will not deliver the potential performance, offered by IONOS)

    • QXL drivers are required to use the Remote Console

  • We guarantee operation for the selected operating system as long as vendor or upstream support are available.

  • In general, all current Linux distributions and their derivatives are supported.

  • Microsoft Windows Server versions are also supported as long as vendor support is available

The older an OS version is, the greater the risk of performance and stability losses. It is recommended to always switch to the current versions at an early stage (well before the manufacturer support for your old version expires). This will greatly improve your operating system's security and functionality.

When operating software appliances, it is recommended that you use the images that have been specially prepared for the KVM hypervisor.

If you are using special software appliances or operating systems not listed here, please feel free to contact our technical support. We would be happy to explore the possibility of using of such systems within the IONOS Enterprise Cloud, and advise you on the best possible implementation.