Unless you are planning to manage an existing Ionoscloud environment, the first step will typically involve choosing the location for a new virtual data centerA list of locations can be obtained with location command.


knife ionoscloud location list

Make a note of the desired location ID and now the data center can be created.

knife ionoscloud datacenter create (options)

Available options:

Required options:

  • location

  • ionoscloud_username

  • ionoscloud_password

    name: --name NAME, -n NAME
        name of the data center

    description: --description DESCRIPTION, -D DESCRIPTION
        description of the data center

    location: --location LOCATION, -l LOCATION
        location of the data center (required)

    ionoscloud_username: --username USERNAME, -u USERNAME
        your Ionoscloud username (required)

    ionoscloud_password: --password PASSWORD, -p PASSWORD
        your Ionoscloud password (required)

    extra_config_file: --extra-config EXTRA_CONFIG_FILE_PATH, -e EXTRA_CONFIG_FILE_PATH
        path to the additional config file


knife ionoscloud datacenter create --name NAME --description DESCRIPTION --location LOCATION --username USERNAME --password PASSWORD --extra-config EXTRA_CONFIG_FILE_PATH

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