This will detach the volume from the server. Depending on the volume HotUnplug settings, this may result in the server being rebooted.

This will NOT delete the volume from your virtual data center. You will need to make a separate request to delete a volume.

knife ionoscloud volume detach VOLUME_ID [VOLUME_ID] (options)

Available options:

Required options:

  • datacenter_id

  • server_id

  • ionoscloud_username

  • ionoscloud_password

    datacenter_id: --datacenter-id DATACENTER_ID, -D DATACENTER_ID
        the ID of the data center (required)

    server_id: --server-id SERVER_ID, -S SERVER_ID
        the ID of the server (required)

    ionoscloud_username: --username USERNAME, -u USERNAME
        your Ionoscloud username (required)

    ionoscloud_password: --password PASSWORD, -p PASSWORD
        your Ionoscloud password (required)

    extra_config_file: --extra-config EXTRA_CONFIG_FILE_PATH, -e EXTRA_CONFIG_FILE_PATH
        path to the additional config file


knife ionoscloud volume detach VOLUME_ID 

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