Database as a Service
Database as a Service is currently in the Early Access phase. We recommend keeping usage and testing to non-production critical applications. Please contact your sales representative or support for more information.

Change Log:

10 October 2021 | API documentation updates:
  • the API swagger doc URL has changed: it is now "" (cutting out the "cloudapi" part)
  • renamed all parameters from snake_case to camelCase
  • lastModifiedBy and createdBy now contain the unique username instead of the display name
  • createdByUserId and lastModifiedByUserId now contain the UUID of the user, that is also used in other Cloud APIs
  • ram_size is now ram and changes to a plain integer (in megabytes)
  • cpu_core_count is now cores
  • replicas is now instances
  • vdc_connection is now connection
  • vdc_id is now datacenterId
  • ip_address is now cidr
  • in maintenance window: weekday is now dayOfTheWeek
  • metadata is no longer part of the properties. metadata and id move up to sit beside properties
  • lifecycle_status is now state and moves to metadata
  • for cloning/restoring backup: all parameters are now in the request body.
  • error messages no longer contain a titlefield
  • backup_enabled field is now removed. Backup is always enabled and option was deprecated for some time.
  • the swagger spec was migrated to v3
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