1.0.4 (May 2022)

Code Enhancements:

  • added utility functions to easily convert pointers to values of basic types in utils.go
  • improved error handling while decoding API Response
  • fixed value for Version constant defined in client.go

1.0.3 (January 2022)


  • updated description for TokensGenerate() function

1.0.2 (January 2022)

Code Enhancements:

  • renamed APIClient's field TokenApi to TokensApi, pointer to TokensApiService
  • renamed function GetAllTokens() to TokensGet()
  • renamed function GetAllTokensExecute() to TokensGetExecute()
  • renamed function GetTokenById() to TokensFindById()
  • renamed function GetTokenByIdExecute() to TokensFindByIdExecute()
  • renamed function CreateToken() to TokensGenerate()
  • renamed function CreateTokenExecute() to TokensGenerateExecute()
  • renamed function DeleteTokenById() to TokensDeleteById()
  • renamed function DeleteTokenByIdExecute() to TokensDeleteByIdExecute()
  • renamed function DeleteTokenByCriteria() to TokensDeleteByCriteria()
  • renamed function DeleteTokenByCriteriaExecute() to TokensDeleteByCriteriaExecute()


  • fixed bug to support both https and http schemas


  • updated go import to the latest version

1.0.1 (November, 2021)

Code Enhancements:

  • sorted imports
  • removed script

1.0.0 (November, 2021)


  • first release 🎉
  • added api(TokenApi) and models(Jwt, Token, Tokens, etc.) for Auth API