A backup unit may be deleted using a DELETE request. Deleting a backup unit is a dangerous operation. A successful DELETE request will remove the backup plans inside a backup unit, ALL backups associated with the backup unit, the backup user and finally the backup unit itself.

knife ionoscloud backupunit delete BACKUPUNIT_ID [BACKUPUNIT_ID]

Available options:

Required options:

  • ionoscloud_username

  • ionoscloud_password

    ionoscloud_username: --username USERNAME, -u USERNAME
        your Ionoscloud username (required)

    ionoscloud_password: --password PASSWORD, -p PASSWORD
        your Ionoscloud password (required)

    extra_config_file: --extra-config EXTRA_CONFIG_FILE_PATH, -e EXTRA_CONFIG_FILE_PATH
        path to the additional config file


knife ionoscloud backupunit delete BACKUPUNIT_ID [BACKUPUNIT_ID]--username USERNAME --password PASSWORD --extra-config EXTRA_CONFIG_FILE_PATH

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