[1.0.10] (January 2024)

  • Features:
  • Allow conversion between schema types and go types

[1.0.9] (February 2024)

  • Features:
  • Add MongoCluster crd to support CRUD of MongoDB clusters
  • Add MongoUser crd to support CRUD of MongoDB users
  • Add DataplatformCluster crd to support CRUD of Dataplatform clusters
  • Add DataplatformNodepool crd to support CRUD of Dataplatform clusters
  • Add PICSlot status field to volume and nic crds
  • Use make provider.addtype to add new types to the provider
  • Update crossplane-runtime to 1.14.4.
  • Documentation:
  • Add server composition and claim example
  • Add docs on how to set pinning for crossplane provider. See here
  • Preserve order of fields in the generated documentation.

[1.0.8] (December 2023)

  • Features:
  • Add postgresuser crd
  • Update GO version to v1.21
  • Update golanci-lint to v1.54.0

[1.0.7] (October 2023)

  • Features:
  • Option to provide postgres credentials via secret, env variable or path to file
  • k8s #116 enrich connection details with token,servername and server Url
  • add s3key crd
  • add pcc(privatecrossconnect) crd
  • added link between lan and pcc. This is a small breaking change, as before there was only the option of providing the UUID directly

[1.0.6] (August 2023)

  • Features:
    • Update Crossplane-Runtime to latest version (v0.20.0). CRDs - now require managementPolicies to be defined
    • Update golang to 1.19
    • Update build submodule to latest version
    • Update workflows to use latest versions

[1.0.5] (May 2023)

  • Fixes:
    • Updated validation logic to prevent constant updates on NICs, in case they are configured with DHCP=true
    • Removed oldIPsNic package private variable, as it could cause race conditions with other NIC resources and doesn't seem to be required for the validation logic
    • Removed checks which would always be true as the AtProvider.IPs will always be updated in the Observe() function

[1.0.4] (February 2023)

  • Documentation:
    • Add docs on how to enable pinning and debugging using env variables

[1.0.3] (February 2023)

  • Features:
    • Add fields vnet to nic and placementGroupId to server. These are internally used fields, they can only be set if the account has special permissions granted
  • Tests:
    • Added unit tests for server node nic
  • Misc:
    • Refactor to increase readability and remove some duplicated code

[1.0.2] (January 2023)

  • Fixes:
    • Update sourceIpConfig and targetIpConfig ip fields on FirewallRule will also allow cidr to be set, not only ips
  • Dependency-update:
    • Updated dependencies for all libraries

[1.0.1] (September 2022)

  • Fixes:
    • Update APISubnetAllowList field on Cluster K8s Managed Resource only if it is not empty

[1.0.0] (July 2022)

  • Features:
    • Added --unique-names option support for name uniqueness for IONOS Cloud resources;
    • Added check for field on NodePool K8s Managed Resource - for reconciliation loops;
    • Added check for resources to be updated when name from IONOS Cloud is empty and is not empty;
  • Fixes:
    • Removed read-only field mac from Nic Compute Managed Resource:
      • New field: status.atProvider.mac;
    • Updated User Agent for Crossplane Provider for IONOS Cloud to contain provider version;
  • Documentation:
    • Updated documentation with the --unique-names option support.

[1.0.0-beta.5] (July 2022)

  • Features:
    • Added Managed Resources:
      • Managed Backup:
        • BackupUnit.
    • Added reference support for BackupUnit in Volume Managed Resource:
      • Breaking-change: spec.forProvider.backupunitId field is renamed into spec.forProvider.backupUnitConfig (reference to a backupunit instance).
  • Fixes:
    • Added missing features for CubeServer Managed Resource:
      • New fields: spec.forProvider.backupUnitConfig, spec.forProvider.userData
  • Documentation:
    • Separated documentation per service
    • Added support for generation of the documentation

[1.0.0-beta.4] (June 2022)

  • Features:
    • Added Managed Resources:
      • Application Load Balancer:
        • ApplicationLoadBalancer;
        • ForwardingRule;
        • TargetGroup.
  • Tests:
    • Added unit tests for k8s node pools
  • Dependency-update:

[1.0.0-beta.3] (June 2022)

  • Features:
    • Allow to set a global IONOS_API_URL overwrite in the provider pod via environment variables
    • Added timeout option for all the calls happening in the reconciliation functions: --timeout
    • Added SonarCloud integration and improved duplicate code
  • Dependency-updates:
    • Updated to v0.12.1
    • Updated and to v0.24.0
  • Tests:
    • Added unit tests for k8s cluster

[1.0.0-beta.2] (June 2022)

  • Features:
    • Added cpuFamily field to the status
      • Note: this update applies to Kubernetes NodePool, Compute Server and Compute Cube Server resources
    • Added access to the CRDs in the repository
  • Fixes:
    • Added correct categories to the providerConfig types
    • Added fix for comparison on mantenanceWindow field, for timestamp ending in Z suffix
      • Note: this update applies to Kubernetes Cluster, Kubernetes NodePool and DBaaS Postgres Cluster resources
    • Removed late initialization by the provider for the spec.cpuFamily field, since the field is immutable - it will be displayed into the status
      • Note: this update applies to Kubernetes NodePool, Compute Server and Compute Cube Server resources
  • Dependency-update:

[1.0.0-beta.1] (May 2022)

First release of the Crossplane Provider IONOS Cloud! 🎉
  • Features:
    • Added Managed Resources:
      • Compute Engine Resources:
        • Datacenter;
        • Server;
        • CubeServer;
        • Volume;
        • Lan;
        • NIC;
        • FirewallRule;
        • IPFailover;
        • IPBlock;
      • Kubernetes Resources:
        • Cluster;
        • NodePool;
      • DBaaS Postgres Resources:
        • Postgres Cluster;
    • Added references to resources in order to solve dependencies ( using crossplane-tools);
    • Added support to set IPs fields automatically using references to IPBlock and indexes for NICs, IPFailover, FirewallRule, NodePools;
  • Documentation:
    • Added step-by-step guide for installing a DBaaS Postgres Cluster using Crossplane Provider IONOS Cloud;
    • Added overview of Managed Resources and Cloud Services Resources supported. See here;
    • Added examples of configuration files for creating resources. See examples;
    • Added example for Compositions and Claims. See example.