Which virtualization technology does IONOS use?

IONOS systems are built on Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor and libvirt virtualization management. We adapted both of these components to our requirements and optimized them for delivery of diverse cloud services, with special focus on security and guest isolation.

What images can I import?

Some software images are only designed for certain virtualization systems. Without VirtlO drivers, VM will not work properly with the hypervisor. You can set the storage bus type to IDE temporarily to install the VirtlO drivers.

How do I install VirtIO drivers for Windows?

For a Windows VM to work properly with our hypervisor, VirtI/O drivers are required.

  • Install Windows using the original IDE driver;

    Now you can install the VirtIO drivers from the ISO provided by IONOS. (?)‚Äč

  • Add a CD-ROM drive to your server

  • Select the windows-virtio-driver.iso ISO

  • Boot from the selected ISO to start the automatic installation tool;

    Now you can switch to VirtIO.

Can I run a virtualization platform on a virtual server?

Our hypervisor informs the guest operating system that it is located in a virtualized environment. Some virtualized systems do not support virtualized environments and can not be executed on an IONOS virtual server. We generally do not recommend using your own virtualization technology in virtual hosts.