IonoscloudContainerRegistry - the Ruby gem for the Container Registry service
Container Registry service enables IONOS clients to manage docker and OCI compliant registries for use by their managed Kubernetes clusters. Use a Container Registry to ensure you have a privately accessed registry to efficiently support image pulls.
This SDK is automatically generated by the OpenAPI Generator project:
  • API version: 1.0
  • Package version: 1.0.0
  • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.RubyClientCodegen For more information, please visit


Build a gem

To build the Ruby code into a gem:
gem build ionoscloud-container-registry.gemspec
Then either install the gem locally:
gem install ./ionoscloud-container-registry-1.0.0.gem
(for development, run gem install --dev ./ionoscloud-container-registry-1.0.0.gem to install the development dependencies)
or publish the gem to a gem hosting service, e.g. RubyGems.
Finally add this to the Gemfile:
gem 'ionoscloud-container-registry', '~> 1.0.0'

Install from Git

If the Ruby gem is hosted at a git repository:, then add the following in the Gemfile:
gem 'ionoscloud-container-registry', :git => ''

Include the Ruby code directly

Include the Ruby code directly using -I as follows:
ruby -Ilib script.rb

Our latest, most up to date documentation is available here

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