1.1.1 (June, 2023)


  • Fixed date parser error


  • Fixed the number of returned params for delete functions

1.1.0 (June, 2023)


  • Renamed some models and methods:

    • provisioningState to ProvisioningState

    • zonesResponse to ZoneReadList

    • zoneCreateRequest to ZoneCreate

    • zoneResponse to ZoneRead

    • zoneUpdateRequest to ZoneEnsure

    • recordsResponse to RecordReadList

    • recordCreateRequest to RecordCreate

    • recordResponse to RecordRead

    • recordUpdateRequest to RecordEnsure

    • RecordMetadata to MetadataWithStateFqdnZoneId

    • ErrorResponse to Error

    • ErrorMessage to ErrorMessages

    • ZoneResponseMetadata to MetadataWithStateNameservers

    • RecordProperties to Record

    • ZoneResponseProperties to Zone

  • Added new models:

    • Links

    • Metadata

    • MetadataWithStateFqdnZoneIdAllOf


  • Added documentation for Links, Metadata

NOTE: Cloud DNS is currently in the Early Access (EA) phase. We recommend keeping usage and testing to non-production critical applications. Please contact your sales representative or support for more information.

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