Type representing a IonosCloud shared resource.



Changeable properties:

  • edit_privilege

  • share_privilege


To list resources:

puppet resource share

NOTE: If two resources have the same name only one of them will be shown.

To create, update or delete a resource:

$datacenter_id = '4017613d-b3fb-41bd-a7bf-8da8e1b02890'

share { $datacenter_id :
  ensure          => present,
  edit_privilege  => true,
  share_privilege => true,
  group_name      => 'cli'

NOTE: If two resources with the same name ar found an error will be thrown, this only applies to cases where the resource cannot be identified. Example: an error is thrown for two servers with the same name in the same datacenter, not for two servers with the same name, but in different datacenters.

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