Developer Reference

Get up and running with libraries and integration tools.
Note: Older versions of IONOS CloudAPI (version 1 through version 5) are announced for End of Life. The endpoints will be deprecated by September 30, 2023, and CloudAPI Version 6 will remain operational. You may need to update your CloudAPI implementation. The page Cloud API Upgrade Documentation describes the seamless upgrade routine as well as provides a summary of the changes between each version for further reference.

API Specification Files

Cloud API
Set up servers & storage, configure networks, and other IaaS solutions.
Create & modify managed PostgreSQL clusters. Log, backup, and restore individuals cluster data.
Create & modify managed MongoDB clusters. Log, backup, and restore individuals cluster data.
Create buckets and automate object storage with our S3 compatible API.
Set up alarms, alerts and retrieve notification history for MaaS.
Auth API
Manage tokens to ensure secure access to other APIs.
Monitor account-related activity under a specific contract.
Retrieve invoice information and display account resource usage.
Manage contracts and administrators under a master reseller account.
Provision and manage SSL certificates with IONOS services and your internal connected resources.
Manage docker and OCI-compliant registries for use with your managed Kubernetes clusters.

SDK Bundles

Config Management Tools


Compute Engine SDKs

Java SDK
Ruby SDK


DBaaS PostgreSQL SDKs

Java SDK
Ruby SDK

DBaaS MongoDB SDKs

Java SDK
Ruby SDK

Certificate Manager SDKs

Java SDK
Ruby SDK

Container Registry SDKs

Java SDK
Ruby SDK

Data Platform SDKs