IONOS Cloud API Overview

Cloud API

The Cloud-API allows you to perform a variety of management tasks, such as spinning up additional servers, adding volumes, adjusting networking, etc. It is designed to allow users to leverage the same power and flexibility found within the DCD visual tool. Both tools are consistent with their concepts and lend well to making the experience smooth and intuitive.
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The DBaaS API allows you to create PostgreSQL database clusters or modify existing ones. You have the option to migrate your existing clusters to our managed service or backup/restore logged clusters. DBaaS API currently supports functions for PostgreSQL with more supported database software coming in the future.

S3 Object Storage API

The S3 Object Storage API enables storage, retrieval, display and deletion of objects (or binary files) within the IONOS Cloud S3 storage offering.
S3 Object Storage API | IONOS DevOps Central
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Activity Log API

The Activity Log API allows contract owners and administrators to discover the log of activity under a specific contract. This makes it possible to audit user activities as well as to make changes to any resources. The activity is grouped by contract and can be refined using date ranges. Activity information is READ-ONLY so all calls made against the Activity Log API will be handled using GET requests.
Activity Log Service API (v1)
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Reseller API

The Reseller API allows you to manage contracts and their associated admin users under your master reseller account. Registration in the IONOS Cloud Partner Program is required for use of this REST based API.
Reseller API (2.0)
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Billing API

The IONOS Cloud Billing API can be used to retrieve information about resource usage and invoices.
IONOS Cloud Billing API (3.6.0)
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Monitoring API

Monitoring API sets alarms & alerts and retrieves alarm history.
Monitoring as a Service (part of Cloud API) (1)

Latest updates

10 October 2021 | MaaS API section updated and linked