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Chef is a popular configuration management tool that allows simplified configuration and maintenance of both servers and cloud provider environments through the use of common templates called recipes. The Chef knife command line tool allows management of various nodes within those environments. The knife-ionoscloud plugin utilizes the IONOS Cloud REST API to provision and manage various cloud resources on the IONOS Cloud platform.

Getting Started

An IONOS account is required for access to the Cloud API; credentials from your registration are used to authenticate against the IONOS Cloud API.


The knife-ionoscloud plugin can be installed as a gem:

$ gem install knife-ionoscloud

Or the plugin can be installed by adding the following line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'knife-ionoscloud'

And then execute:

$ bundle


The Ionoscloud account credentials can be added to the knife.rb configuration file.

knife[:ionoscloud_username] = 'username'
knife[:ionoscloud_password] = 'password'

If a virtual data center has already been created under the Ionoscloud account, then the data center UUID can be added to the knife.rb which reduces the need to include the --datacenter-id [datacenter_id] parameter for each action within the data center.

knife[:datacenter_id] = 'f3f3b6fe-017d-43a3-b42a-a759144b2e99'
knife[:ionoscloud_debug] = true

The configuration parameters can also be passed using shell environment variables. First, the following should be added to the knife.rb configuration file:

knife[:ionoscloud_username] = ENV['IONOSCLOUD_USERNAME']
knife[:ionoscloud_password] = ENV['IONOSCLOUD_PASSWORD']

Now the parameters can be set as environment variables:

$ export IONOSCLOUD_USERNAME='username'
$ export IONOSCLOUD_PASSWORD='password'


$ rspec spec

Feature Reference

The IONOS Cloud plugin for Knife aims to offer access to all resources in the IONOS Cloud API and also offers some additional features that make the integration easier:

  • authentication for API calls

  • handling of asynchronous requests


  1. How can I open a bug/feature request?

Bugs & feature requests can be open on the repository issues: