6.1.0 (June 15th, 2022)


  • added Application Load Balancer and Target Group, 18 new models and 2 new APIs


  • convert filters to map if they come as an object,

  • removed parameter for KubernetesClusterProperties, KubernetesClusterPropertiesForPost models: public

  • removed parameter for KubernetesNodePoolProperties model: gatewayIp

6.1.1 (Jul 14th, 2022)


  • Added manageDbaas field in group-properties.ts : provides privilege for a group to manage DBaaS related functionality. Admin users already here this enabled by default.

  • Added deleteVolumes to datacentersServersDelete: If true, all attached storage volumes will also be deleted.

  • Added boot_order to volume-properties.ts : Determines whether the volume will be used as a boot volume. Set to NONE, the volume will not be used as boot volume. Set to PRIMARY, the volume will be used as boot volume and all other volumes must be set to NONE. Set to AUTO or null requires all volumes to be set to `AUTO` or `null`; this will use the legacy behavior, which is to use the volume as a boot volume only if there are no other volumes or cdrom devices. Defaults to AUTO.

6.1.2 (Oct 27th, 2022)


  • Fixed IONOS_TOKEN authentication bug. Now, the authentication using IONOS_TOKEN works properly.

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