DataPlatform Clusters

This is a simple module that supports listing existing DataPlatform Clusters

⚠️ Note: Data Platform is currently in the Early Access (EA) phase. We recommend keeping usage and testing to non-production critical applications. Please contact your sales representative or support for more information.

Example Syntax

name: Get all Data Platform clusters
ionoscloudsdk.ionoscloud.dataplatform_cluster_info: null
register: cluster_list_response

Returned object

    "result": [
            "id": "fe6a5792-7473-4067-ba83-6d135582e623",
            "type": "cluster",
            "href": "",
            "metadata": {
                "e_tag": null,
                "created_date": "2023-05-29T13:55:51+00:00",
                "created_by": "<USER_EMAIL>",
                "created_by_user_id": "<USER_ID>",
                "created_in_contract_number": "31909592",
                "last_modified_date": "2023-05-29T13:55:51+00:00",
                "last_modified_by": "<USER_EMAIL>",
                "last_modified_by_user_id": "<USER_ID>",
                "current_data_platform_version": "22.11",
                "current_data_platform_revision": 1,
                "available_upgrade_versions": [],
                "state": "AVAILABLE"
            "properties": {
                "name": "AnsibleAutoTestDataPlatform3",
                "data_platform_version": "22.11",
                "datacenter_id": "f68205d8-8334-43b0-9f64-b06babcf5bd6",
                "maintenance_window": {
                    "time": "12:02:00",
                    "day_of_the_week": "Wednesday"
    "failed": false,
    "changed": false

For more examples please check out the tests here.

Available parameters:


filters dict


Filter that can be used to list only objects which have a certain set of propeties. Filters should be a dict with a key containing keys and value pair in the following format: '': 'server_name'

api_url str


The Ionos API base URL.

certificate_fingerprint str


The Ionos API certificate fingerprint.

username str


The Ionos username. Overrides the IONOS_USERNAME environment variable.

password str


The Ionos password. Overrides the IONOS_PASSWORD environment variable.

token str


The Ionos token. Overrides the IONOS_TOKEN environment variable.

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