• disk_type on cube_server now defaults to DAS, other arguments would have caused the call to fail


  • Added tutorials to docs, these show how this Ansible module can be used to provision many of our more commonly-used Compute resources and Managed Services in combinations that are at least representative of 'real-world' deployments.

  • Updated the examples in the files to use the steps from our test playbooks to ensure they are working. This should fix numerous bugs within the examples.



  • Added MariaDB modules

    • new modules: mariadb_cluster, mariadb_cluster_info, mariadb_backup_info


  • Refactor to use module_utile to remove duplicate code.


  • Using ansible-galaxy when installing from github

  • Modules called with the whole path(ionoscloudsdk.ionoscloud.<module_name>)

  • allow_replace and depth have been removed from modules that do not support replace, they can still be sent so past playbooks that use it do not fail



  • Added Container Registry Vulnerability Scanning feature

    • new modules: registry_artifact_info, registry_repository, registry_repository_info, registry_vulnerability_info

    • new argument for registry: features

  • Added Private Kubernetes feature

    • new arguments for k8s_cluster: public, location, nat_gateway_ip and node_subnet


  • Fixed argument lan not available in state present for module nic

  • Fixed some wrong examples

Known Issues

  • When a registry is to be replaced while retaining the same name it would cause an error because the API does not allow two resources with the same name. Please change the name as well if you want to replace a registry for now



  • Added Logging modules: pipeline and pipeline_info

  • Added VM Autoscaling modules: vm_autoscaling_group, vm_autoscaling_action_info, vm_autoscaling_group_info and vm_autoscaling_server_info



  • Added DNS modules: dns_zone, dns_record, dns_secondary_zone and corresponding info modules

  • changed info modules to have the same format

  • generating summary to include all modules, and split in them in subcategories

  • Changed Private Cross Connect references in docs to Cross Connect



  • Reworked all modules to be declarative, for more details

  • changed info modules to have the same format

  • added ipv6 support

  • updated docs, added return examples and updated option descriptions





  • Fixed error when exceeding maximum users per page



  • New licenceType supported for snapshot and volume modules: RHEL

  • Extend dynamic inventory to support regex-based grouping



  • Implement filters for Container Registry info modules

  • New Product: DataPlatform. Modules added:

    • dataplatform_cluster

    • dataplatform_cluster_config

    • dataplatform_cluster_info

    • dataplatform_nodepool

    • dataplatform_nodepool_info

⚠️ Note: Data Platform is currently in the Early Access (EA) phase. We recommend keeping usage and testing to non-production critical applications. Please contact your sales representative or support for more information.


  • Removed sensitive data from repository

  • Fix #138 lan_ids param is now a list of dicts

Full Changelog:


Bug fixes:

  • k8s_version is no longer a required parameter for cluster update


Bug fixes:

  • remove cpu_family parameter from cube_server module

  • Cube Server documentation is now available on



  • added new modules for Container Registry (registry, registry_token, registry_info and registry_token_info)



  • added new modules for DBaaS Mongo (mongo_cluster_info, mongo_cluster_template_info, mongo_cluster_user_info, mongo_cluster_user and mongo_cluster)

  • added new modules for Certificate Manager (certificate, certificate_info) and integration with the application_load_balancer_forwardingrule module using the new new_server_certificates parameter

  • added a new module for working with CUBE servers, cube_server and depracationd notices when using the server module with CUBE servers

  • added certificate pinning option to all modules using the certificate_fingerprint parameter

Bug fixes:

  • fixed documentation for k8s_nodepool should node_count as string instead of int



  • added new manage_dbaas parameter to group module

  • added new depth and filters parameters to info modules: server_info, volume_info, postgres_backup_info, postgres_cluster_info, s3key_info

Bug fixes:

  • fixed inventory cache

  • name no longer required for k8s_cluster update

  • fix module indentation for nic and image


Bug fixes

  • Added token authentication for ALB

  • For CUBE servers, on state: present, user_data and ssh_keys are now sent to the API



  • depth value for certain GET operations has been reduced

Bug fixes

  • Bug fixes relating to multiple resources sharing the exact same name:

    • If multiple resources have been found in an operation, an error is thrown. Important Note: Please make sure you do not have multiple resources of the same type that share the same name. (i.e. two datacenters with the same name, or two volumes with identical name on the same server).

    • For Server and Volume modules, you can now only rename one resource at a time. In practice, this means that now, instance_ids param now can only contain one ID if state: update and name is not None.

    • For Server and Volume modules, removed auto_increment flag. Now incrementation is done automatically if count > 1 on creating new instances (because creating two instances with the same name is forbidden)

    • You can no longer rename a resource to have the same name as some other resource within the same entity (i.e. if by renaming a volume you will end up with two volumes sharing the same name within a server, then throw an error and fail the operation)

  • Do not delete resources that have already been marked as deleting

  • Inventory script fixes:

    • Inventory output is now JSON

    • Print with variable indent

    • Removed unused params: group_by_licence_type, group_by_image_name

  • Now it is possible to rename ENTERPRISE servers, not just CUBE servers

  • It is now also possible to use UUID to to identify users / nic_flowlogs when state is remove

  • When updating a user (respectively group) with other groups (respectively other users), registered variable at end of operation now correctly contains the new, updated groups that the user belongs to (respectively users belonging to that group)


  • Added user_data parameter for server's module creation state. (The cloud-init configuration for the volume as a base64 encoded string.)

  • Added ALB (Application Loadbalancer) modules:

    • application_load_balancer

    • application_load_balancer_flowlog

    • application_load_balancer_forwardingrule


Bug fixes

  • for s3key-info module, username & password parameters "required" status was too strict: now only required if no token provided

  • remove duplicate lan arg in server module (now lan is a 'str')


  • remove public, gateway_ip params for k8s_cluster and k8s_nodepool (removed from python sdk)

  • dbaas updates: added backup_location to postgres_cluster

  • volume info module (#23)

  • server info module (#22)


Bug fixes

  • network_load_balancer_rule module: fixed health_check parameter (the dict now supports snake case items instead of camel case)


  • refactored the documentation based on states

  • fix #1: added support for http proxies (only for ionoscloud python package >= 6.0.3)

    • using IONOS_HTTP_PROXY and IONOS_HTTP_PROXY_HEADERS environment variables


  • fix #63: implemented support for Token Authentication: can be used with token parameter or IONOS_TOKEN env variable

  • new info module: s3key_info - can be used to list all the s3keys

  • k8s_nodepool module: add support for updating labels and annotations

  • fix #67: added new parameter on s3key module idempotency that ensures that If an s3key already exists, returns with already existing key instead of creating more


Bug fixes:

  • fix STOP server bug: the resources are now deallocated when a shut off server is stopped



  • new parameters on k8s_cluster module: public, api_subnet_allow_list and s3_buckets

  • new parameters on k8s_nodepool module: gateway_ip

  • documentation updates related to Ansible Galaxy installation and usage



  • add support for Dbaas Postgres: 3 new modules were added (postgres_cluster, postgres_cluster_info, postgres_backup_info)


Bug fixes:

  • fix create volume bug that forced disk_type to be always HDD


  • add support for SSD storage (new options for volume storage type: SSD Standard, SSD Premium) - SSD Premium is the default if disk_type=SSD

6.0.0 (11 January, 2022)

Bug fixes:

  • fix #31 - group deletion

  • fix create volume response -> it will return the entire list of created volumes, not an empty list anymore


  • improved deletion on all resources -> when trying to delete a resource that does not exist, the module will not fail anymore and it will succeed with changed: False

  • allow name updates for volumes

  • fix #28 - added new group permissions according to the Cloud API

  • user resource now supports password updates


  • docs: updated the name of the module in examples

6.0.0-beta.4 (23 October, 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • Remove the default value of dhcp parameter for nic module. The default value was False, which was not aligned with the CloudAPI swagger file.

6.0.0-beta.3 (September, 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • fixed issue: Volume Module: HTTP 304 "Failed to parse request body" when attaching a volume to a server


  • Added support for using image aliases when creating a volume. The modules now support image ID, snapshot ID or image alias values for the image parameter. If the image alias is provided, the module will resolve the image alias and use the correspondent image ID.

  • new parameter for the volume module: location - used for identifying the image when image alias is used

6.0.0-beta.2 (June, 2021)


  • Added a new module (image). Here you can find the more details about this feature.

  • New parameters on volume module:

    • image_alias

    • backupunit_id

    • user_data

    • cpu_hot_plug

    • ram_hot_plug

    • nic_hot_plug

    • nic_hot_unplug

    • disc_virtio_hot_plug

    • disc_virtio_hot_unplug

  • New parameters on server module:

    • type

    • template_uuid

    • boot_volume

    • boot_cdrom

  • Removed the cube_server module. Now the users can create CUBE servers using the server module.

6.0.0-beta.1 (May, 2021)


  • Added the following modules:

    • cube_server

    • template

    • nat_gateway

    • nat_gateway_rule

    • nat_gateway_rule

    • network_load_balancer

    • network_load_balancer_flowlog

    • network_load_balancer_rule


  • Removed nat parameter from nic and server module

  • Added user_password parameter on user module

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