Ansible Playbooks

Ansible Playbooks

Ansible leverages YAML manifest files called Playbooks. The Playbook will describe the infrastructure to build and is processed from top down. Here is a simple Playbook that will provision two identical servers:


- hosts: localhost
connection: local
gather_facts: false
- name: Provision a set of instances
datacenter: Example
name: server%02d
auto_increment: true
count: 2
cores: 4
ram: 4096
image: 25cfc4fd-fe2f-11e6-afc5-525400f64d8d
image_password: secretpassword
location: us/las
assign_public_ip: true
remove_boot_volume: true
state: present
register: ionos

Execute a Playbook

If your credentials are not already defined:

export IONOS_USERNAME=username
export IONOS_PASSWORD=password

The ansible-playbook command will execute the above Playbook.

ansible-playbook example.yml