Private Node Pools

In IONOS Managed Kubernetes, a Private Node Pool is a dedicated set of nodes within a Kubernetes cluster that is isolated for the exclusive use of a specific user, application, or organization. Private node pools of a cluster are deployed in a private network behind a NAT Gateway to enable connectivity from the nodes to the public internet but not vice-versa.

You can create Kubernetes clusters for Private Node Pools using the Configuration Management Tools or directly using the IONOS Cloud API. By using IONOS Kubernetes clusters for Private Node Pools, you can ensure the network traffic between your nodes and Kubernetes service stays on your private network only.


The key features related to Private Node Pools include:

  • Customized Configurations: The ability to customize networking configurations and define subnets provides flexibility to align the infrastructure with user-specific requirements.

  • Isolation of Resources: Private Node Pools provide isolation of resources that improves the performance and reduces the risk of interference from external entities. The isolation of resources within a dedicated, private network environment.

  • Security: The additional layer of security added by Private Node Pools ensures that nodes are only accessible within a private network. This helps in protecting sensitive data and applications from external threats.

  • Scalability: The Private Node Pools are designed to be flexible and scalable based on your needs. This ensures that the resources are utilized efficiently, and you can adapt to varying levels of demand.

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