Logging Service

The IONOS Logging Service provides a centralized and scalable solution for logging, monitoring, and analyzing your application and infrastructure logs. It offers a wide range of features to help you collect and analyze your logs from different log sources, monitor performance effectively, and gain insights into your system's behavior.

Note: Logging Service is currently available only through the API, without the DCD implementation.

Product Overview

Get an overview of the Logging Service.

An overview of the product and its components.

Information about its features and benefits.

Information about various use cases of Logging Service.

Information about log collection, log agent, and Fluent Bit configuration.

Information about various log sources.

Information about the log pipelines.

Information about safety mechanisms for logs pushed from various sources.

DCD How-Tos

Set relevant privileges via the DCD.

Learn how to set User privileges for Logging Service.

API How-Tos

Get started with Logging Service via the API.

Create an instance of a logging pipeline.

Obtain a new key for a logging pipeline.

Update an existing logging pipeline.

Retrieve information about a specific logging pipeline.

Delete a specific logging pipeline.

Customize the retention policy for each log stream.

Use the pre-configured IONOS Telemetry API datasource to query metrics from the IONOS Cloud Telemetry API.

Quick Start

Steps to send logs to the logging platform.

Steps to access logs from the logging platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To get answers to the most commonly encountered questions about the Logging Service platform, see Logging Service FAQs.

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