With IONOS Cloud Database as a Service (DBaaS), you can quickly set up and manage the MariaDB database engine. You can use the database engine's features, such as the flexible cloud-based scaling of the database resources, patching the database, creating backups and redundancy, and enhancing security with IONOS DBaaS.

You can initiate MariaDB via the DCD, APIs, or automation tools like Ansible and Terraform. A large percentage of APIs are compatible with MariaDB.

Product Overview


DCD How-Tos

Learn how to set up a MariaDB cluster.

Learn how to view the list of MariaDB clusters.

Learn how to delete a MariaDB cluster.

API How-Tos

A list of prerequisites to assure success with MariaDB creation.

Learn to create a MariaDB cluster.

Learn to verify the status of a MariaDB cluster.

Learn how to connect to MariaDB from your managed Kubernetes cluster.

Learn how to list the MariaDB clusters.

Learn how to fetch a specific MariaDB cluster.

Learn how to delete a specific MariaDB cluster.

Developer Tools


Learn how to troubleshoot the cause of table bloating.

Learn how to reset your database password.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To get answers to the most commonly encountered questions about MariaDB, see FAQs.

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