DDoS Protect

IONOS DDoS Protect is a managed Distributed Denial of Service defense mechanism, which ensures that every customer resource hosted on IONOS Cloud is secure and resilient against Layer 3 and Layer 4 DDoS attacks. This is facilitated by a filtering and scrubbing technology, which in event detection of an attack filters the malicious DDoS traffic and lets through only the genuine traffic to its original destination. Hence, enabling applications and services of our customers to remain available under a DDoS attack.

Known attack vectors regularly evolve and new attack methods are added. IONOS Cloud monitors this evolution and dedicates resources to adapt and enhance DDoS Protect as much as possible to capture and mitigate the threat.

The service is available in all of our data centers.

The service is available in two packages:

DDoS Protect Basic: This package is enabled by default for all customers and does not require any configuration. It provides basic DDoS Protection for every resource on IONOS Cloud from common volumetric and protocol attacks and has the following features:

  • DDoS traffic filtering - All suspicious traffic is redirected to the filtering platform where the DDoS traffic is filtered and the genuine traffic is allowed to the original destination.

  • Always-On attack detection - The service is always on by default for all customers and does not require any added configuration or subscription.

  • Automatic Containment - Each time an attack is identified the system automatically triggers the containment of the DDoS attack by activating the DDoS traffic and letting through only genuine traffic.

  • Protect against common Layer 3 and 4 attacks - This service protects every resource on IONOS Cloud from common volumetric and protocol attacks in the Network and Transport Layer such as UDP, SYN floods, etc.

DDoS Protect Advanced: This package offers everything that's part of the DDoS Protect Basic package plus advanced security measures and support.

  • 24/7 DDoS Expert Support - Customers have 24/7 access to IONOS Cloud DDoS expert support. The team is available to assist customers with their concerns regarding ongoing DDoS attacks or any related issues.

  • Proactive Support - The IONOS Cloud DDoS support team, equipped with alarms, will proactively respond to a DDoS attack directed towards a customer's resources and also notify the customer in such an event.

  • On-demand IP specific DDoS filtering - If a customer suspects or anticipates a DDoS attack at any point in time, he can request to enable DDoS filtering for a specific IP or server owned by him. Once enabled, all traffic directed to that IP will be redirected to the IONOS Cloud filtering platform where DDoS traffic will be filtered and genuine traffic will be passed to the original destination.

  • On-demand Attack Diagnosis - At the customer's request, a detailed report of a DDoS attack is sent to the customer, explaining the attack and other relevant details.

Note! IONOS Cloud sets forth Security as a Shared Responsibility between IONOS Cloud and the customer. We at IONOS Cloud strive at offering a state-of-the-art DDoS defense mechanism. Successful DDoS defense can only be achieved by a collective effort on all aspects including optimal use of firewalls and other settings in the customer environment.

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