Download Kubeconfig

A kubeconfig file is used to configure access to Kubernetes.

You can download the kubeconfig file:

Using configuration management tools

You can download the kubeconfig file using configuration management tools such as IonosCTL CLI, Ansible, and Terraform. Following are a few options to retrieve the kubeconfig files.

ToolParameter ReferenceDescription

K8s Cluster Id

You can retrieve the kubeconfig file and save it using a single command from IonosCTL CLI. For more information, see example. ionosctl k8s kubeconfig get --cluster-id CLUSTER_ID

k8s_cluster config_file

You can retrieve the kubeconfig by specifying the kubeconfig parameter in the Ansible YAML file. For more information, see Kubernetes configuration.


You can interact with the kubeconfig resources by providing proper configurations. For more information, see Example of dumping the kubeconfig raw data into a yaml file.

Note: If you do not want to use any tools like IonosCTL CLI, Ansible, or Terraform, you can retrieve the kubeconfig file directly from the Get Kubernetes Configuration File API using tools like cURL or Wget.

Using Kubernetes Manager

  1. In the DCD, go to Menu > Containers > Managed Kubernetes.

  2. In Kubernetes Manager, select a cluster from the cluster list.

  3. In the Cluster Settings tab, select either kubeconfig.yaml or kubeconfig.json from the drop-down list to download the kubeconfig file.

  1. Alternatively, you can also select the Kubernetes element in the Workspace and download the kubeconfig file in the Inspector pane.

Result: The kubeconfig file is successfully downloaded.

Note: Only administrators can retrieve the kubeconfig file without a node pool. All other users need to create a node pool first.

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