• Added proxy_protocol property to NetworkLoadBalancerForwardingRuleTarget, NetworkLoadBalancerForwardingRuleTarget and TargetGroupTarget



Added support for Private Kubernetes Clusters:

  • New parameters on KubernetesClusterProperties and KubernetesClusterPropertiesForPost: location, nat_gateway_ip, node_subnet and public


  • Fixed wrong parsing of IONOS_HTTP_PROXY_HEADERS by @hegerdes



Added support for IPv6:

  • New parameter on DatacenterProperties: ipv6_cidr_block

  • New parameter on LanProperties and LanPropertiesPost: ipv6_cidr_block

  • New parameters on NicProperties: dhcpv6, ipv6_cidr_block and ipv6_ips

More details about IPv6 configuration can be found here.


  • Fixed wrong error being shown when timeout is reached inside wait_for.



  • New licenceType supported: RHEL

6.1.4 (July 14th, 2022)


  • fix manage_dbaas typo in

6.1.3 (July 14th, 2022)

Known issues:

  • typo in manage_dbaas field in - generated as manage_d_baa_s

6.1.2 (July 14th, 2022)


  • fix: added asn1crypto as required module

6.1.1 (July 14th, 2022)


  • added manage_dbaas field in : provides privilege for a group to manage DBaaS related functionality. Admin users already here this enabled by default.

  • added delete_volumes to datacenters_servers_delete: If true, all attached storage volumes will also be deleted.

  • added boot_order to volume properties : Determines whether the volume will be used as a boot volume. Set to `NONE`, the volume will not be used as boot volume. Set to `PRIMARY`, the volume will be used as boot volume and all other volumes must be set to `NONE`. Set to `AUTO` or `null` requires all volumes to be set to `AUTO` or `null`; this will use the legacy behavior, which is to use the volume as a boot volume only if there are no other volumes or cdrom devices. | [optional] [default to 'AUTO'] |

  • added certificate pinning to sdk python. Enabling certificate pinning allows you to bypass normal certificate checking, by supplying a SHA256 or SHA1 fingerprint of the leaf cert to be checked against what the server provides.

6.1.0 (June 15th, 2022)


  • added Application Load Balancer and Target Group, 18 new models and 2 new APIs

6.0.4 (May 17th, 2022)


  • removed parameter for KubernetesClusterProperties, KubernetesClusterPropertiesForPost models: public

  • removed parameter for KubernetesNodePoolProperties model: gateway_ip

6.0.3 (April 7th, 2022)


  • added support for filter query parameters on GET requests

  • added support for http proxy (IONOS_HTTP_PROXY and IONOS_HTTP_PROXY_HEADERS environment variables)

6.0.2 (February 18th, 2022)


  • support for Token Authentication: new parameters on ionoscloud.Configuration: token (instead of api_key) and token_prefix (instead of api_key_prefix)

6.0.1 (February 4th, 2022)


  • new licence type: WINDOWS2022

  • new parameter on KubernetesClusterProperties, KubernetesClusterPropertiesForPost models: public

  • new parameter on KubernetesNodePoolProperties model: gateway_ip

  • new read-only parameter on VolumeProperties model: boot_server

6.0.0 (December 9th, 2021)


  • new Python requirements: Python ≥ 3.5

  • LansApi class renamed to LANsApi

  • backupunits_patch() method parameter backup_unit_properties changed to backup_unit

  • UserPropertiesPut new property: password

  • KubernetesNodePoolPropertiesForPut: name is no longer a required parameter

  • k8s_nodepools_put() method parameter kubernetes_node_pool_for_put changed to kubernetes_node_pool

  • k8s_nodepools_post() method parameter kubernetes_node_pool type is KubernetesNodePoolForPost instead of KubernetesNodePool

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