| condition | String | The matching rule for the HTTP rule condition attribute; this parameter is mandatory for 'HEADER', 'PATH', 'QUERY', 'METHOD', 'HOST', and 'COOKIE' types. It must be 'null' if the type is 'SOURCE_IP'. | |

| key | String | The key can only be set when the HTTP rule condition type is 'COOKIES', 'HEADER', or 'QUERY'. For the type 'PATH', 'METHOD', 'HOST', or 'SOURCE_IP' the value must be 'null'. | [optional] |

| negate | Boolean | Specifies whether the condition should be negated; the default value is 'FALSE'. | [optional] |

| type | String | The HTTP rule condition type. | |

| value | String | This parameter is mandatory for the conditions 'CONTAINS', 'EQUALS', 'MATCHES', 'STARTS_WITH', 'ENDS_WITH', or if the type is 'SOURCE_IP'. Specify a valid CIDR. If the condition is 'EXISTS', the value must be 'null'. | [optional] |


require 'ionoscloud'

instance =
  condition: STARTS_WITH,

  key: forward-at,

  negate: false,

  type: HEADER,

  value: Friday

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