| api_subnet_allow_list | Array<String> | Access to the K8s API server is restricted to these CIDRs. Intra-cluster traffic is not affected by this restriction. If no AllowList is specified, access is not limited. If an IP is specified without a subnet mask, the default value is 32 for IPv4 and 128 for IPv6. | [optional] |

| k8s_version | String | The Kubernetes version that the cluster is running. This limits which Kubernetes versions can run in a cluster's node pools. Also, not all Kubernetes versions are suitable upgrade targets for all earlier versions. | [optional] |

| maintenance_window | KubernetesMaintenanceWindow | | [optional] |

| name | String | A Kubernetes cluster name. Valid Kubernetes cluster name must be 63 characters or less and must be empty or begin and end with an alphanumeric character ([a-z0-9A-Z]) with dashes (-), underscores (_), dots (.), and alphanumerics between. | |

| s3_buckets | Array<S3Bucket> | List of S3 buckets configured for K8s usage. At the moment, it contains only one S3 bucket that is used to store K8s API audit logs. | [optional] |


require 'ionoscloud'

instance = Ionoscloud::KubernetesClusterPropertiesForPost.new(
  api_subnet_allow_list: [, 2002::1234:abcd:ffff:c0a8:101/64,, 2002::1234:abcd:ffff:c0a8:101],

  k8s_version: 1.15.4,

  maintenance_window: null,

  name: k8s,

  s3_buckets: null

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