6.1.10 (December, 2023)


  • Add proxyProtocol parameter for ALB and NLB targets


  • Allow setting Host and Scheme when creating a client with a serverUrl (@maxbischoff)


  • Remove usage of deprecated ioutil package (@avorima)


  • Move docs for Url with context to api_doc.mustache

6.1.9 (September, 2023)


  • Support injecting x-contract-number header through environment variable.

6.1.8 (July, 2023)


Added support for IPv6:

  • New parameter on DatacenterProperties: Ipv6CidrBlock

  • New parameter on LanProperties and LanPropertiesPost: Ipv6CidrBlock

  • New parameters on NicProperties: Dhcpv6, Ipv6CidrBlock and Ipv6Ips

More details about IPv6 configuration can be found here.


  • Go client backoff now respects context cancellation

Full Changelog:

6.1.7 (June, 2023)


  • New licenceType supported: RHEL

6.1.5 (March, 2023)


  • Added generic functions for utility package


  • Removed swagger


  • Library dependencies

6.1.4 (January 26th, 2022)


  • Added placementGroupId and vnet parameters.


  • Allow multiple values to be set for the same filter key

6.1.3 (August 30th, 2022)


  • Fix return type of NewGenericOpenAPIError

6.1.2 (August 4th, 2022)

Fixes :

  • Changed from manageDbaas to manageDBaaS field in model_group_properties.go : provides privilege for a group to manage DBaaS related functionality. Admin users already have it enabled by default.

  • Issue #26

6.1.1 (July 14th, 2022)

Features :

  • Added manageDbaas field in model_group_properties.go : provides privilege for a group to manage DBaaS related functionality. Admin users already here this enabled by default.

  • Added deleteVolumes to DatacentersServersDelete function: If true, all attached storage volumes will also be deleted.

  • Added bootOrder to model_volume_properties : Determines whether the volume will be used as a boot volume. Set to `NONE`, the volume will not be used as boot volume. Set to `PRIMARY`, the volume will be used as boot volume and all other volumes must be set to `NONE`. Set to `AUTO` or `null` requires all volumes to be set to `AUTO` or `null`; this will use the legacy behavior, which is to use the volume as a boot volume only if there are no other volumes or cdrom devices. | [optional] [default to 'AUTO'] |

  • Logger interface with log levels for the sdk. Allows user to inject it's own logger that implements Printf. More information here

  • Added helper function HttpNotFound in response.go

6.1.0 (June 16th, 2022)


  • added Application Load Balancer and Target Group, 18 new models and 2 new apis

v6.0.1 (January, 2022)


  • new parameter on KubernetesClusterProperties, KubernetesClusterPropertiesForPost: public

  • new parameter on KubernetesNodePoolProperties, KubernetesNodePoolPropertiesForPost: gatewayIp

  • allow fields that are explicitly nullable to be sent with null values

  • updated oauth import

  • depth parameter:

    • new method SetDepth on configuration that allows setting a value for the depth parameter on all the API calls for the client

    • changed the default value of depth parameter from 10 to 0

    • this affects the amount of data that is returned on GET methods. If there is a need to change the value, please do it with caution and only if it is needed.

v6.0.0 (December, 2021)


  • changed structure ApiK8sNodepoolsPostRequest, changed name of kubernetesNodePool field from KubernetesNodePool to KubernetesNodePoolForPost

  • changed structure ApiK8sNodepoolsPutRequest, changed type of KubernetesNodePoolForPut field from kubernetesNodePoolForPut to kubernetesNodePool


  • fixed sporadic EOF error seen from server

  • fixed overwriting https with http for host endpoint that starts with http. It now allows user to enter a url that starts with http

  • added Password field to UserPropertiesPut to allow user password update

v6.0.0-beta.9 (November, 2021)


  • added support for maxResults query parameter on GET requests


  • renamed Apis services: LansApi to LANsApi

  • renamed BackupUnitProperties to BackupUnit on BackupunitsPatch method


  • updated descriptions

v6.0.0-beta.8 (October, 2021)


  • improved code in sync with Sonar Cloud requirements:

    • added global constant FilterQueryParam

    • renamed global constant FORMAT_STRING to FormatStringErr

v6.0.0-beta.7 (October, 2021)


  • added support for filter query parameters on GET requests: Filter()

  • added support for overwriting the host-url value via IONOS_API_URL environment variable

  • added gofmt check's results

v6.0.0-beta.6 (September, 2021)


  • added Offset, Limit and Links to IpBlocks

  • removed Public parameter from KubernetesClusterProperties

  • removed GatewayIp parameter from KubernetesNodePoolProperties

v6.0.0-beta.5 (September, 2021)


  • added imageAlias to VolumeProperties

  • added Offset, Limit and Links to User

  • removed gatewayIp parameter from KubernetesClusterProperties

  • added GatewayIp parameter from KubernetesNodePoolProperties

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