Target Group

Creates and manages IonosCloud Target Group.

Manages a Target Group on IonosCloud.

Example Usage

resource "ionoscloud_target_group" "example" {
    name                      = "Target Group Example" 
    algorithm                 = "ROUND_ROBIN"
    protocol                  = "HTTP"
    targets {
        ip                    = ""
        port                  = "8080"
        weight                = "1"
        proxy_protocol        = "v2ssl"
        health_check_enabled  = true
        maintenance_enabled   = false
    targets {
        ip                    = ""
        port                  = "8081"
        weight                = "124"
        proxy_protocol        = "v2"
        health_check_enabled  = false
        maintenance_enabled   = false
    health_check {
        check_timeout         = 5000
        check_interval        = 50000
        retries               = 2
    http_health_check {
        path                  = "/."
        method                = "GET"
        match_type            = "STATUS_CODE"
        response              = "200"
        regex                 = true
        negate                = true

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required)[string] The name of the target group.

  • algorithm - (Required)[string] Balancing algorithm.

  • protocol - (Required)[string] Balancing protocol.

  • targets - (Required)[list] Array of items in the collection

    • ip - (Required)[string] The IP of the balanced target VM.

    • port - (Required)[int] The port of the balanced target service; valid range is 1 to 65535.

    • weight - (Required)[int] Traffic is distributed in proportion to target weight, relative to the combined weight of all targets. A target with higher weight receives a greater share of traffic. Valid range is 0 to 256 and default is 1; targets with weight of 0 do not participate in load balancing but still accept persistent connections. It is best use values in the middle of the range to leave room for later adjustments.

    • proxy_protocol - (Optional)[string] The proxy protocol version. Accepted values are none, v1, v2, v2ssl. If unspecified, the default value of none is used.

    • health_check_enabled - (Optional)[bool] Makes the target available only if it accepts periodic health check TCP connection attempts; when turned off, the target is considered always available. The health check only consists of a connection attempt to the address and port of the target. Default is True.

    • maintenance_enabled - (Optional)[bool] Maintenance mode prevents the target from receiving balanced traffic.

  • health_check - (Optional) Health check attributes for Target Group.

    • check_timeout - (Optional)[int] The maximum time in milliseconds to wait for a target to respond to a check. For target VMs with 'Check Interval' set, the lesser of the two values is used once the TCP connection is established.

    • check_interval - (Optional)[int] The interval in milliseconds between consecutive health checks; default is 2000.

    • retries - (Optional)[int] The maximum number of attempts to reconnect to a target after a connection failure. Valid range is 0 to 65535, and default is three reconnection.

  • http_health_check - (Optional) Http health check attributes for Target Group

    • path - (Optional)[string] The path (destination URL) for the HTTP health check request; the default is /.

    • method - (Optional)[string] The method for the HTTP health check.

    • match_type - (Required)[string]

    • response - (Required)[string] The response returned by the request, depending on the match type.

    • regex - (Optional)[bool]

    • negate - (Optional)[bool]


Resource Target Group can be imported using the resource id, e.g.

terraform import ionoscloud_target_group.myTargetGroup {target group uuid}

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