DBaaS MongoDB Cluster

Get information on a DBaaS MariaDB Cluster

The DBaaS MariaDB Cluster data source can be used to search for and return an existing DBaaS MariaDB Cluster.

Example Usage


data "ionoscloud_mariadb_cluster" "example" {
  id = <cluster_id>

By Name

data "ionoscloud_mariadb_cluster" "example" {
  display_name = "MariaDB_cluster"

Argument Reference

  • display_name - (Optional)[string] Display Name of an existing cluster that you want to search for.

  • id - (Optional)[string] ID of the cluster you want to search for.

Either display_name or id must be provided. If none or both are provided, the datasource will return an error.

Attributes Reference

The following attributes are returned by the datasource:

  • mariadb_version - [string] The MariaDB version of your cluster.

  • instances - [int] The total number of instances in the cluster (one primary and n-1 secondary).

  • cores - [int] The number of CPU cores per instance.

  • ram - [int] The amount of memory per instance in gigabytes (GB).

  • storage_size - [int] The amount of storage per instance in gigabytes (GB).

  • connections - The network connection for your cluster. Only one connection is allowed.

    • datacenter_id - [string] The datacenter to connect your cluster to.

    • lan_id - [string] The LAN to connect your cluster to.

    • cidr - [string] The IP and subnet for your cluster.

  • display_name - [string] The friendly name of your cluster.

  • maintenance_window - A weekly 4 hour-long window, during which maintenance might occur.

    • time - [string] Start of the maintenance window in UTC time.

    • day_of_the_week - [string] The name of the week day.

  • dns_name - [string] The DNS name pointing to your cluster.

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