NAT Gateway

Get information on a Nat Gateway

The NAT gateway data source can be used to search for and return existing NAT Gateways. If a single match is found, it will be returned. If your search results in multiple matches, an error will be returned. When this happens, please refine your search string so that it is specific enough to return only one result.

Example Usage


data "ionoscloud_natgateway" "example" {
  datacenter_id = <datacenter_id>
  id			= <nat_gateway_id>

By Name

data "ionoscloud_natgateway" "example" {
  datacenter_id = <datacenter_id>
  name			= "NAT Gateway Example"

Argument Reference

  • datacenter_id - (Required) Datacenter's UUID.

  • name - (Optional) Name of an existing network load balancer forwarding rule that you want to search for.

  • id - (Optional) ID of the network load balancer forwarding rule you want to search for.

datacenter_id and either name or id must be provided. If none, or both of name and id are provided, the datasource will return an error.

Attributes Reference

The following attributes are returned by the datasource:

  • id - Id of that natgateway

  • name - Name of that natgateway

  • public_ips - Collection of public IP addresses of the NAT gateway. Should be customer reserved IP addresses in that location

  • lans - Collection of LANs connected to the NAT gateway. IPs must contain valid subnet mask. If user will not provide any IP then system will generate an IP with /24 subnet.

    • id - Id for the LAN connected to the NAT gateway

    • gateway_ips - Collection of gateway IP addresses of the NAT gateway. Will be auto-generated if not provided. Should ideally be an IP belonging to the same subnet as the LAN

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