Creates and manages share objects.

Manages Shares and list shares permissions granted to the group members for each shared resource.

Example Usage

resource "ionoscloud_datacenter" "example" {
	name                = "Datacenter Example"
	location            = "us/las"
	description         = "Datacenter Description"
	sec_auth_protection = false

resource "ionoscloud_group" "example" {
  name                    = "Group Example"
  create_datacenter       = true
  create_snapshot         = true
  reserve_ip              = true
  access_activity_log     = true
  create_pcc              = true
  s3_privilege            = true
  create_backup_unit      = true
  create_internet_access  = true
  create_k8s_cluster      = true

resource "ionoscloud_share" "example" {
  group_id                =
  resource_id             =
  edit_privilege          = true
  share_privilege         = false

Argument reference

  • edit_privilege - (Optional)[Boolean] The group has permission to edit privileges on this resource.

  • group_id - (Required)[string] The ID of the specific group containing the resource to update.

  • resource_id - (Required)[string] The ID of the specific resource to update.

  • share_privilege - (Optional)[Boolean] The group has permission to share this resource.

⚠️ Note: There is a limitation due to which the creation of several shares at the same time leads to an error. To avoid this, parallelism=1 can be used when running terraform apply command in order to create the resources in a sequential manner. Another solution involves the usage of depends_on attributes inside the ionoscloud_share resource to enforce the sequential creation of the shares.


Resource Share can be imported using the resource id, e.g.

terraform import ionoscloud_share.myshare {group uuid}/{resource uuid}

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