Creates and manages IP Block objects.

Manages IP Blocks on IonosCloud. IP Blocks contain reserved public IP addresses that can be assigned servers or other resources.

Example Usage

resource "ionoscloud_ipblock" "example" {
  location  = "us/las"
  size      = 3
  name      = "IP Block Example"

Argument reference

  • name - (Optional)[string] The name of Ip Block

  • location - (Required)[string] The regional location for this IP Block: us/las, us/ewr, de/fra, de/fkb.

  • size - (Required)[integer] The number of IP addresses to reserve for this block.

  • ips - (Computed)[integer] The list of IP addresses associated with this block.

  • ip_consumers (Computed) Read-Only attribute. Lists consumption detail of an individual ip

    • ip

    • mac

    • nic_uuid

    • server_id

    • server_name

    • datacenter_id

    • datacenter_name

    • k8s_nodepool_uuid

    • k8s_cluster_uuid


Resource Ipblock can be imported using the resource id, e.g.

terraform import ionoscloud_ipblock.myipblock {ipblock uuid}

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