Data Platform Node Pool

Creates and manages Dataplatform Node Pool objects.

Example Usage

resource "ionoscloud_datacenter" "example" {
  name        = "Datacenter_Example"
  location    = "de/txl"
  description = "Datacenter for testing Dataplatform Cluster"

resource "ionoscloud_dataplatform_cluster" "example" {
  datacenter_id   		=
  name 					= "Dataplatform_Cluster_Example"
  maintenance_window {
    day_of_the_week  	= "Sunday"
    time				= "09:00:00"
  version	= "23.7"

resource "ionoscloud_dataplatform_node_pool" "example" {
  cluster_id        =
  name              = "Dataplatform_Node_Pool_Example"
  node_count        = 1
  cpu_family        = "INTEL_SKYLAKE"
  cores_count       = 1
  ram_size          = 2048
  availability_zone = "AUTO"
  storage_type      = "HDD"
  storage_size      = 10
  maintenance_window {
    day_of_the_week = "Monday"
    time            = "09:00:00"
  labels 			= {
    foo   			= "bar"
    color 			= "green"
  annotations 		= {
    ann1 			= "value1"
    ann2 			= "value2"

Argument reference

  • cluster_id - (Required)[string] The UUID of an existing Dataplatform cluster.

  • name - (Required)[string] The name of your node pool. Must be 63 characters or less and must be empty or begin and end with an alphanumeric character ([a-z0-9A-Z]). It can contain dashes (-), underscores (_), dots (.), and alphanumerics in-between.

  • node_count - (Required)[int] The number of nodes that make up the node pool. Must be set with a minimum value of 1.

  • cpu_family - (Optional)[string] A valid CPU family name or AUTO if the platform shall choose the best fitting option. Available CPU architectures can be retrieved from the datacenter resource. The default value is AUTO.

  • cores_count - (Optional)[int] The number of CPU cores per node. Must be set with a minimum value of 1. The default value is 4.

  • ram_size - (Optional)[int] The RAM size for one node in MB. Must be set in multiples of 1024MB, with a minimum size is of 2048MB. The default value is 4096.

  • availability_zone - (Optional)[string] The availability zone of the virtual datacenter region where the node pool resources should be provisioned. Must be set with one of the values AUTO, ZONE_1 or ZONE_2. The default value is AUTO.

  • storage_type - (Optional)[int] The type of hardware for the volume. Must be set with one of the values HDD or SSD. The default value is SSD.

  • storage_size - (Optional)[int] The size of the volume in GB. The size must be greater than 10GB. The default value is 20.

  • maintenance_window - (Optional)[string] Starting time of a weekly 4 hour-long window, during which maintenance might occur in hh:mm:ss format

    • time - (Required)[string] Time at which the maintenance should start. Must conform to the 'HH:MM:SS' 24-hour format. This pattern matches the "HH:MM:SS 24-hour format with leading 0" format. For more information take a look at this link.

    • day_of_the_week - (Required)[string] Must be set with one the values Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

  • labels - (Optional)[map] Key-value pairs attached to the node pool resource as Kubernetes labels.

  • annotations - (Optional)[map] Key-value pairs attached to node pool resource as Kubernetes annotations.


A Dataplatform Node Pool resource can be imported using its cluster's UUID as well as its own UUID, e.g.:

terraform import ionoscloud_dataplatform_node_pool.mynodepool {dataplatform_cluster_uuid}/{dataplatform_nodepool_id}

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