DBaaS MongoDB Backups

Get information on DBaaS MariaDB Backups

The DBaaS MariaDB Backups data source can be used to search for and return existing DBaaS MariaDB Backups for a specific cluster.

Example Usage

Get all backups for a specific cluster

data "ionoscloud_mariadb_backups" "example" {
	cluster_id = <cluster_id>

Get a specific backup

data "ionoscloud_mariadb_backups" "example" {
	backup_id = <backup_id>

Argument Reference

  • cluster_id - (Optional)[string] The unique ID of the cluster.

  • backup_id - (Optional)[string] The unique ID of the backup.

⚠️ Note: Either cluster_id or backup_id must be used, but not both at the same time.

Attributes Reference

The following attributes are returned by the datasource:

  • bakups - List of backups.

    • cluster_id - The unique ID of the cluster that was backed up.

    • earliest_recovery_target_time - The oldest available timestamp to which you can restore.

    • size - Size of all base backups in Mebibytes (MiB). This is at least the sum of all base backup sizes.

    • base_backups - The list of backups for the specified cluster

      • size - The size of the backup in Mebibytes (MiB). This is the size of the binary backup file that was stored

      • created - The ISO 8601 creation timestamp

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