⚠️ Note: DBaaS - MongoDB is currently in the Early Access (EA) phase. We recommend keeping usage and testing to non-production critical applications. Please contact your sales representative or support for more information.

  • Increase go version to 1.18
  • Update dependencies to latest versions
  • Update Ionos Cloud GO SDK v6.1.2. Release notes here v6.1.3
  • Update SDK GO DBaaS Postgres to v6.1.2. Release notes here v1.0.4
  • ssh_key_path will now allow the keys to be passed directly also. In the future, will be renamed to ssh_keys.

  • Reproduces rarely: sometimes the nic resource is not found after creation. As a fix we added a retry for 5 minutes to be able to get the NIC. The retry will keep trying if the response is not found(404)
  • Fix cube server creation. Some attributes were not populated - name, boot_cdrom, availability_zone

  • When no argument is provided for user data source, try to get the email from the client configuration
  • Update Ionos Cloud GO SDK v6.1.2. Release notes here v6.1.2
  • Refactor server and volume creation code
  • Make maintenance_window computed

  • update sdk-go dependency to v6.0.3.
    • enable certificate pinning, by setting IONOS_PINNED_CERT env variable
  • temporarily removed gateway_ip and public fields for k8s
  • introduced error when trying to set max_node_count equal to min_node_count in k8s_node_pool

  • fixed crash when trying to disable autoscaling on k8s_node_pool

  • fixed bug when upgrading from a v6.0.0-beta.X version to a stable one (number is required error)
  • reintroduced error for image data source when finding multiple results with data source

  • update sdk-go-dbaas-postgres dependency to v1.0.3

  • updated multiple nics under the same IP Failover example, with a one step example

  • do not allow empty string AvailabilityZone. Only allow "AUTO", "ZONE_1", "ZONE_2", "ZONE_3"
  • type field in server resource should be case-insensitive
  • remove deprecated image_name field on volume level from server resource
  • solve #266 crash on resource_volume when using image_alias with no image_password, or ssh_key_path

  • added group_ids property for ionoscloud_user resource. For more details refer to the documentation
  • added groups property for ionoscloud_user data source. For more details refer to the documentation

  • fixed error from upgrading from 6.2.0 to 6.2.1 (version compatibility issue)

  • improved all the examples to be ready to use
  • added units where missing
  • added example for adding a secondary NIC to an IP Failover
  • updated provider version to the latest release in main registry page
  • added details in about testing locally

  • add allow_replace to node pool resource, which allows the update of immutable node_pool fields will first destroy and then re-create the resource. This field should be used with care, understanding the risks.
  • update sdk-go dependency to v6.0.2
  • update sdk-go-dbaas-postgres dependency to v1.0.2
  • update terraform-plugin-sdk to v2.12.0
  • token and username+password does not conflict anymore, all three can be set, the token having priority

  • added backup_location property for ionoscloud_pg_cluster. For more details refer to the documentation

  • fixed image data-source bug when name not provided - data-source returned 0 results
  • when you try to change an immutable field, you get an error, but before that the tf state is changed. Before applying a real change you need to apply it back with an error again. To fix, when you try to change immutable fields they will throw an error in the plan phase.
  • reintroduced in group resource the user_id argument, as deprecated, to provide a period of transition
  • check slice length to prevent crash
  • fixed k8s_cluster data_source bug when searching by name
  • fix lan deletion error, when trying to delete it immediately after the deletion of the DBaaS cluster that contained it

  • modified group_resource to accept multiple users. Note: Modify your plan according to the documentation

  • fixed data sources to provide an exact match (roll-back to 6.1.3 + errors in case of multiple results)

  • updated k8s cluster and node pool version from examples

  • Limit max concurrent connections to the same host to 3.
  • Set max retries in case of rate-limit(429) to 999.
  • Set backoff time to 4s.

  • updated gitbook documentation with legal subheading

  • improved lookup in data_sources by using filters
  • improved tests duration by moving steps from data_source test files in the corresponding resource test files
  • added workflow to run tests from GitHub actions
  • split tests with build tags
  • improve http client performance and timeouts

  • a more accurate example on how can the cidr be set automatically on a DBaaS Cluster
  • update doc of how to dump kube_config into a file in yaml format.

  • fix on creating a DBaaS Cluster without specifying the maintenance window
  • solve #204 - targets in nlb forwarding rule(switched to Set instead of List), lb_private_ips(set to computed), features in datacenter resources(switched to Set instead of List)
  • fix of plugin crash when updating k8s_node_pool node_count
  • fix of diff when creating a k8s_node_pool without maintenance_window

  • added public parameter for k8s_cluster (creation of private clusters is possible now)
  • added gateway_ip parameter for k8s_nodepool
  • added boot_server read-only property for volume

  • do not diff on gateway ips set as normal ips instead of cidr

  • terraform plugin sdk upgrade to v2.10.1
  • use depth explicitly on api calls to improve performance
  • sdk-go updated to v6.0.1

  • Fix documentation in terraform registry

  • Fix documentation in terraform registry

  • New Product: Database as a Service:
    • Resources:
      • resource_dbaas_pgsql_cluster
    • Data Sources:
      • data_source_dbaas_pgsql_backups
      • data_source_dbaas_pgsql_cluster
      • data_source_dbaas_pgsql_versions
    • Dependency-update: added SDK-Go-DBaaS Postgres version v1.0.0

  • improved tests for networkloadbalancer and networkloadbalancer_forwardingrule

  • fixed bug regarding updating listener_lan and target_lan on networkloadbalancer
  • fixed diff on availableUpgradeVersions for k8s cluster and nodepool
  • fixed lan deletion - wait for completion of nic deletion

  • restructured documentation by adding subcategories

  • fixes #168: Add versioning to allow module import.
  • Modify UserAgent string

  • Improved terraform registry documentation with a more detailed description of environment and terraform variables
  • Added badges containing the release and go version in

  • Immutable k8s node_pool fields should throw error when running plan also, not only on apply

  • Fixed rebuild k8 nodes with the same lan - order of lans is ignored now at diff
  • Fixed conversion coming from a v5 state - added nil check in lans interface conversion

  • added http request time log for api calls
  • updated to go version 1.17, updated to sdk version 6.0.0
  • for k8s_node_pool, nic, ipfailover, and share:
    • made tests comprehensive
    • optimized test duration by including both match by id and by name in the same test
    • removed duplicated code from import, data_source, resource and tests files
  • improved tests on natgateway and natgateway_rule

  • import for nic, data_source for nic, share, ipfailover

  • k8s_node_pool update node_count and emptying lans and public_ips didn't work
  • fixed bug at creating natgateway_rule - target_subnet was not set properly
  • revert icmp_code and icmp_type to string to allow setting to 0
  • Add additional fixes to improve code stability and prevent crashes. Revert icmp_type and icmp_code inside server resource and add tests.
  • Allow creation of an inner firewall rule for server when updating a terraform plan.
  • fixed issue #155: added stateUpgrader for handling change of lan field structure
  • fix sporadic EOF received when making a lot of https requests to server (fixed in sdk)
  • fixed #154: allow url to start with "http" (fixed in sdk)
  • fixed #92: fix user update, user password change and password field is now sensitive
  • fix crash when no metadata is received from server

  • fixed datacenter datasource

  • added constants and removed duplicated tests to backupUnit, datacenter, lan, s3_key, firewall, server
  • for pcc, group, user, snapshot, and volume :
    • made tests comprehensive
    • optimized test duration by including both match by id and by name in the same test
    • removed duplicated code from import, data_source, resource and tests files

  • added import for snapshot, ipblock, data_source for group, user, ipblock, volume

  • fixed issue #112 can't attach existing volume to server after recreating server
  • cube server could not be deleted
  • cannot empty api_subnet_allow_list and s3_buckets

  • improved data_source for template - now template can be searched by any of its arguments
  • code enhancements: for k8s_cluster:
    • made tests comprehensive
    • optimized test duration by including both match by id and by name in the same test
    • removed duplicated code from import, data_source and resource files (set parameters)

  • server: can not create cube server, firewall not updated
  • firewall: using type argument throws error

  • for backupUnit, datacenter, lan, s3_key, and firewall resources done the following:
    • made tests comprehensive
    • optimized test duration by including both match by id and by name in the same test
    • removed duplicated code from import, data_source and resource files (set parameters)
    • updated documentation
    • improved import functions

  • data_source for s3_key

  • added image_alias to volume
  • removed public and gateway_ip properties from k8s_cluster

  • updated sdk-go to v6.0.0-beta.7

  • added data_sources for backup_unitandfirewall_rule`
  • added import for natgateway, natgateway_rule, networkloadbalancer and networkloadbalancer_forwardingrule

  • issue #19 - fixed update ssh_key_path although not changed
  • issue #93 - updated documentation for image data source
  • made backup_unit_id configurable for volume
  • fixed server import

  • issue #31 - k8s node pool labels and annotations implemented
  • ipblock k8s_nodepool_uuid attribute fixed
  • correctly importing private lans from k8s node pools

  • fixed set of empty array in terraform state instead of null

  • k8s security features implemented

  • updated arguments for datacenter, ipblock, location and user
  • issue #72 - fixed find volume image by name
  • error message for immutable node pool attributes
  • issue #84 - fixed build & updated

  • rollback to the node pool behaviour before the fix of issue #71
  • issue #77 - fix import for k8s nodepool

  • fix: issue #71 - recreate nodepool on change of specifications

  • issue #66 - detailed kube config attributes implemented

  • updated dependencies
  • updated server, nic and volume resources with the missing arguments

  • documentation updates
  • fix: fixes #13 ignore changes of patch level for k8s

  • documentation updates

  • terraform plugin sdk upgrade to v2.4.3
  • fix: create volume without password
  • fix: ability to create server without image
  • fix: fixes #25 correctly set of dhcp + nil check + added firewall_type field in server resource
  • fix: fixes #39 - new imports for volume, user, group, share, IPfailover and loadbalancer
  • fix: fixes #47 - corrected nic resource to accept a list of strings for ips parameter
  • fix: fixes #36 - correctly setting the active property of the s3 key upon creation

  • documentation updates

  • IONOS_DEBUG env var support for debugging sdk/api request payloads
  • fix: contract number correctly computed when generating backup-unit names
  • fix: segfault avoided on missing volume image
  • test suite improvements

  • initial v6 version supporting Ionos Cloud API v6

  • fixes #5 - correctly dereferencing possibly nil properties received from the api

  • fixes #12 - correctly setting up a custom Ionos Cloud API url

  • error handling improvements
  • always displaying the full response body from the API in case of an error

  • Bug fix: correctly checking for nil the image volume

  • Bug fix: avoid sending an empty image password to the API if no image password is set

  • Bug fix: nil check for image password when creating a server

  • Using the latest Ionos Cloud GO SDK v5.1.0

  • Importing mac info when loading nic information or server information
  • Reading PCC info when importing a lan

  • new data sources added: k8s_cluster, k8s_node_pool

  • Correctly updating ips on a nic embedded in a server config

  • new datasources added: lan, server, private cross connect

  • terraform-provider-profitbricks rebranding to terraform-provider-ionoscloud
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