• Added --verbose flag to all commands to see step-by-step process when running a command

  • Updated Cobra version to v1.2.1, improving completions with descriptions

  • Fixed bug #99

  • Added support for IONOS_API_URL environment variable to overwrite default URL


  • Added api-subnets and s3bucket options for cluster command

  • Updated request command to print target resources

  • Updated go version to 1.16

  • Updated authentication mechanism to first check environment variables over config file

  • Updated sdk-go version to v5.1.4

  • Updated image, request commands to support fetching the latest N Images/Requests

  • Updated nodepool command to be able to set multiple LAN Ids to a NodePool


  • Add support for --ram option for Server, NodePool resources. e.g. --ram 256 or --ram 256MB

  • Add options for auto-completion for --ram option

  • Renamed --ram-size flag to --ram


  • Added commands aliases

  • Added flags aliases

  • Renamed flags

  • Improved --cols option for output


  • Updated sdk-go version to v5.1.0

  • Added commands for IpFailover, IpConsumer, CD-ROM commands

  • Added missing properties for resources (e.g. State)


  • Updated sdk-go to v5.0.3

  • Fixed typo K8sFindBySClusterId


  • Added commands for Kubernetes, BackupUnit, Private Cross-Connect, Contract Resources, User Management

  • Updated commands structure to: ionosctl server volume attach, ionosctl loadbalancer nic attach

  • Updated documentation structure

  • Added --wait-for-request and --wait-for-state options

  • Renamed --ignore-stdin flag to --force


  • Added commands for image, snapshot, ip block, firewall rule, label

  • Added support for token authentication

  • Updated attach commands for volume and nic


  • Added commands for data center, server, volume, nic, lan, load balancer, request

  • Added completion support for flags and commands for Zsh, Fish, PowerShell and Bash terminals

  • Added login command for SDK authentication

  • Added ionosctl boilerplate