Create a BackupUnit


ionosctl backupunit create [flags]


For backupunit command:

[b backup]

For create command:



Use this command to create a BackupUnit under a particular contract. You need to specify the name, email and password for the new BackupUnit.


  • The name assigned to the BackupUnit will be concatenated with the contract number to create the login name for the backup system. The name may NOT be changed after creation.

  • The password set here is used along with the login name described above to register the backup agent with the backup system. When setting the password, please make a note of it, as the value cannot be retrieved using the Cloud API.

  • The e-mail address supplied here does NOT have to be the same as your Cloud API username. This e-mail address will receive service reports from the backup system.

  • To login to backup agent, please use and access BackupUnit Console or use

Required values to run a command:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Password


-u, --api-url string Override default host url (default "")
--cols strings Set of columns to be printed on output
Available columns: [BackupUnitId Name Email State] (default [BackupUnitId,Name,Email,State])
-c, --config string Configuration file used for authentication (default "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/ionosctl/config.json")
-e, --email string The e-mail address you want to assign to the BackupUnit (required)
-f, --force Force command to execute without user input
-h, --help Print usage
-n, --name string Alphanumeric name you want to assign to the BackupUnit (required)
-o, --output string Desired output format [text|json] (default "text")
-p, --password string Alphanumeric password you want to assign to the BackupUnit (required)
-q, --quiet Quiet output
-t, --timeout int Timeout option for Request for BackupUnit creation [seconds] (default 60)
-v, --verbose Print step-by-step process when running command
-w, --wait-for-request Wait for the Request for BackupUnit creation to be executed


ionosctl backupunit create --name NAME --email EMAIL --password PASSWORD