Update Container Registry Settings

Each Container Registry has the option to configure the Garbage Collection schedule. By default, Garbage Collection is disabled because each customer will choose a schedule based upon their needs.

Configure Garbage Collection (DCD)

Garbage Collection frees up storage space for image layers data that are no longer referenced. This is necessary if, for example, all your images use the same base operating system image. Garbage Collection ensures that layers are not referenced by other images before deletion.
The duration of Garbage Collection will increase based on the volume of deleted repositories or tags and the total number of repositories and tags to be checked.
Note: During Garbage Collection, the container registry is read only. This is so that a complete analysis can be completed without changes being made to repositories.
1. To configure Garbage Collection for a Container Registry, go to Menu > Containers > Container Registry.
Access the Container Registry Manager
2. In the Container Registry Manager, select the Container Registry that you want to configure.
Select a Running Container Registry
3. Click on the edit icon.
Edit the container regsitry
4. Select the day and time that you want Garbage collection to run on a weekly basis.
Note: For more granular and customised control over the Garbage Collection schedule, you can do this via the API.