Images & Snapshots

IONOS offers a wide range of readily available public images that you can use instantly. In addition, you can also use your private images by uploading them into the IONOS Cloud infrastructure via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Your IONOS account supports numerous block storage and ISO image types using an emulated CD-ROM drive, from which you can install an operating system or software directly.

Furthermore, you can create snapshots of provisioned block storage. Each snapshot is a separate instance, representing the state of the source block storage device while capturing the snapshot.

For Linux images, IONOS supports Cloud-Init to automate software package installations and instance configurations.

Get started with images and snapshots via the DCD.

Learn how you can use operating systems supplied by IONOS.

Upload your block storage or ISO images.

Create and use Snapshots from your own block storage device.

Install software packages and apply configuration automatically.

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