The effective interconnection and management of numerous Virtual Data Centers (VDCs) have become crucial for businesses looking to streamline their operations in the dynamic world of cloud computing. The cutting-edge idea of Cross Connect, a powerful feature tapped into the IONOS Cloud environment, helps you to fulfill this requirement.

Cross Connect redefines the paradigm of VDC communication by enabling you to create seamless and secure LAN-based connections across VDCs located in the same IONOS Cloud contract and region. It only uses private LANs to ensure both strong security and high-performance connectivity, supporting a range of different workloads.

This robust functionality is custom made for clients aiming to establish secure connections between multiple VDCs using a single LAN conduit within the IONOS Cloud ecosystem.

Cross Connect connected to multiple VDCs in a region

Cross Connect provides a safe bridge between two separate data centers located in different physical locations, but within the same region. A private LAN connection is used to secure the connection. By limiting the number of Cross Connects a LAN may belong to, addressing inconsistencies are minimized. This configuration proves highly advantageous for classifying services, reducing potential threats, and preserving data.

Cross Connect employs a network of VDCs. Each VDC can contain several other resources, such as, private LANs, firewalls, switches, or virtual routers. These resources enable connections using established protocols to ensure a secure and reliable connection within the region where the Cross Connect is configured. The configuration of a Cross Connect and its association with VDCs within IONOS's cloud ecosystem establishes a virtual link for securely transmitting data and services across this bridge, thus ensuring speed and security. Businesses can ensure faster and more reliable digital transitions and resource sharing. The availability of IONOS's servers in the metro region enables closer proximity to businesses within the region, resulting in lower latency.

Cross Connect provides network bandwidth comparable to a normal private Network Interface Cards (NICs). You can also access and configure Cross Connect via the Data Center Designer (DCD), Cloud API, and the SDK. To start using Cross Connect, see Overview.

Cross Connect Components

The following components are an integral part of Cross Connect:

  • Intraconnection of VDCs via private LANs: Allows peering VDCs, which are within the same region and belong to the same contract, via a private LAN connection. This dedicated connection creates a safe channel and safeguards sensitive data.

  • Connectable VDCs: Allows connecting VDCs within the same region and if they belong to the same contract. In this manner, you can also share resources and functionalities without having to install them in each data center.

  • Secured connection: Enables authorized users only to create, access, manage, edit, and share the connection. In addition, the feature operates only on a private LAN, thus, securing data transfer.

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