Advanced Packs

If at least one feature is enabled from an Advanced pack, you will be charged for the corresponding Advanced protection pack for each workload (a virtual machine, a server or a workstation).

Advanced Backup

Protects your workloads continuously and ensures that even last-minute changes of your work will not be lost.

  • One-click recovery

  • Continuous data protection

  • Backup support for Microsoft SQL

  • Server clusters and Microsoft Exchange clusters – Always On Availability Groups (AAG) and Database Availability Groups (DAG)

  • Backup support for MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle DB, and SAP HANA

  • Data protection map and compliance reporting

  • Off-host data processing

  • Remote operations with bootable media

Advanced Security

Protects your workloads continuously from all malware threats.

  • Antivirus and antimalware protection with local signature-based detection (with realtime protection)

  • Exploit prevention

  • URL filtering

  • Endpoint firewall management

  • Forensic backup, scan backups for malware, safe recovery, corporate allowlist

  • Smart protection plans (integration with CPOC alerts)

  • Centralized backup scanning for malware

  • Remote wipe

  • Microsoft Defender Antivirus

  • Microsoft Security Essentials

Advanced Management

Allows you to patch vulnerabilities on the protected workloads.

  • Patch management

  • Disk health

  • Software inventory

  • Fail-safe patching

  • Cyber Scripting

  • Remote assistance

  • File transfer and sharing

  • Selecting a session to connect

  • Observing workloads in multi-view

  • Connection modes: control, observe, and curtain

  • Connection via the Quick Assist application

  • Remote connection protocols: NEAR and Screen Sharing

  • Session recording for NEAR connections

  • Screenshot transmission

  • Session history report – 24 monitors

  • Threshold-based monitoring

  • Anomaly-based monitoring

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