Logging Service FAQs

What is a Logging Service?

The Logging Service platform provides a centralized and scalable solution for collecting, monitoring, and analyzing logs from your application and infrastructure. It utilizes specialized components to aggregate, parse, and store the logs seamlessly.

What changed in the product during its transition from Early Access to General Availability?

The product contains enhancements that allow additional users under your contract number to create pipelines and log in to Grafana with their IONOS credentials. Additionally, you can also enable group members to access and manage Logging Service by providing specific access rights to the group. For more information, see Set User Privileges for Logging Service.

What are the limitations of this platform?

The default HTTP rate limit is set to 50 requests per second.

How safe is my data if the same Logging Service platform is shared with multiple users?

Your data is secure and not shared with users using the same platform. The following defines the level of security provided by the platform:

  • Each pipeline uses its unique endpoint to send logs to the log server over the Transport Layer Security (TLS).

  • Each user has a separate partition because data is kept in different partitions.

  • Each chunk of data within the partition is secured by server-side and client-side encryptions.

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