February 2024 Releases

What's new

February 27

You can can now interact with the IONOS Telemetry API via the managed Grafana provided by the Logging Service. It is also compatible with Prometheus specifications. The Telemetry API uses the same authentication as the IONOS Cloud API; hence, you can use the same API token to authenticate with the Telemetry API.

February 22

Upbound Crossplane Marketplace now lists IONOS Cloud as the Crossplane Provider. With Crossplane, you can convert a Kubernetes cluster into a universal control plane.

February 5

Information on security advisory for CVE-2024-21626 is available on the documentation portal. The vulnerability enables containerized escape for attackers using a malicious image, a malicious Dockerfile, or an upstream image.

February 1

The following significant changes are being made to IONOS APIs, SDKs authentication methods, and token management to enhance user security.

  • A new way to manage authentication tokens from the Data Center Designer (DCD) is introduced.

  • Effective March 15, 2024, the Basic Authentication across IONOS’ APIs and SDKs is completely deprecated for user accounts with 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled or 2FA forced. Impacted users can only generate tokens from the API/SDK Authentication Token Manager.

For more information, see FAQs.

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