Enable IPv6

You can enable IPv6 on Cubes when you create them or after you create them.

Set up IPv6

You can set up IPv6 to improve the network connectivity for your virtualized environment. By setting up IPv6 for your Cubes, you can ensure that they are accessible to IPv6-enabled networks and clients.

Prerequisites: Prior to enabling IPv6, make sure you have the appropriate privileges. New VDC can be created by the contract owners, admins, or users with create VDC privilege. The number of bits in the fixed address is the prefix length. For Data Center IPv6 CIDR, the prefix length is /56.

To enable IPv6 for Cubes, connect the server to an IPv6-enabled LAN. Select the Network option on the right pane and fill in the following fields:

  • Name: It is recommended to enter a unique name for this Network Interface Controller (NIC).

  • MAC: This field is automatically populated.

  • LAN: Select an IPv6 enabled Local Area Network (LAN).

  • Firewall: Specify whether you want to enable or disable the firewall. For enabling the firewall, choose Ingress to create flow logs for incoming traffic, Egress for outgoing traffic, or Bidirectional to create flow logs for all traffic.

  • Flow Log: Select + to add a new flow log. Enter name, direction, action, target S3 bucket, and select + Flow Log to complete the configuration of the flow log. It becomes applied once you provision your changes.

  • IPv4 Configuration: This field is automatically populated. If Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is enabled, the Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) address is dynamic, meaning it can change while the Dedicated Core Server is operational or in the case of a restart. Add additional public IP addresses in Add IP. It is an optional field.

  • IPv6 Configuration: You can populate a NIC IPv6 CIDR block with prefix length /80 or allow it to be automatically assigned from the VDCs allocated range, as seen in the screenshot below. In order to use "floating" or virtual IPs, you can assign additional IPs to a NIC by selecting them from the drop-down list in Add IP.

Setting up IPv6 for Cubes


  • IPv6 CIDR assigned to LANs(/64) and NICs(/80 and /128) must be unique.

  • You can create a maximum of 256 IPv6-enabled LANs per VDC.

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